Build a thriving and emotionally intelligent organisation

Business Coaching with Ana

Ana Solido, one of our Blissful Minds Counsellors, has been living and working as a counsellor in Australia for over seven years and now she wants to share her expertise, knowledge and passion for organisational psychology and business coaching with the business community in Brisbane.

Originally from France, Ana worked there as an organisational psychologist with a city council where she was a vital link between managers and employees, facilitating communication and understanding within the organisation.

A Safe Inclusive Workplace

Ana believes that effective management extends beyond mere planning and marketing. Companies must also prioritise the emotional well-being of their teams. In today’s dynamic business landscape, employees crave support, validation, a sense of being seen and heard, and above all, a safe and inclusive work environment. The traditional notion of work being the sole priority is evaporating rapidly.

A Positive Workforce

Ana’s focus is on nurturing the emotional aspect of team dynamics. I firmly believe that a happy and cohesive team is the bedrock of a successful organisation. By fostering positive relationships and understanding the unique needs of individuals within a team, she strives to create a workplace that not only achieve its goals but also promotes employee well-being and satisfaction.

Ana is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise and insights with companies and individuals alike. She wants to help organisations navigate the complexities of the modern workplace while fostering a culture of empathy and mutual respect.

Business Coaching Solutions

Here are just some of the areas you can explore with Ana as your business coach:

  • manage company growth successfully
  • develop leadership and management skills in your team leaders
  • improve communications in the workplace
  • resolve conflicts between employees
  • create the ideal work place culture
  • motivate your employees
  • increase productivity

Let’s work together to build a thriving and emotionally intelligent organisation that stands tall amidst the challenges of today’s world.”

Ana is available at our practice in Spring Hill or online. If you would like to learn more or discuss your requirements further, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Ana.