Parenting Counselling

Parenting counselling is a judgement-free zone for you to discuss challenging situations in parenting and learn how to better manage these times moving forward.

Our counsellors support you with the necessary knowledge, tools and guidance to take care of your children in the best way possible. Counselling may also help you as parents to better communicate with each other in order to develop a cohesive and structured parenting approach. Parenting therapy begins with the parents. Once you make progress, the children may be asked to participate.

Why do we Need Parenting Counselling?

Parenting may be one of the greatest achievements in life, but it can also present many challenges. Your children can bring great joy to your lives as you support them on their way to adulthood. At the same time, parenting can be frustrating, thankless and just hard work, particularly when your children become teenagers.

He refuses to go to school

She’s always getting into trouble at school

She’s in with the ‘wrong’ crowd

I think he’s experimenting with substance abuse

He won’t listen to me any more

She doesn’t respect me

He’s rude and abusive to both of us

Do any of these concerns sound familiar to you? As parents, do you often feel overwhelmed or ‘stuck’, and unsure of the best steps to take for yourselves and your children?

Parenting Counselling provides you with:

  • A safe place to process your emotions
  • Support during tough parenting times
  • Education on how to respond to your children
  • Strategies to better address how your family functions

What now?

Even under normal circumstances parenting can be challenging, but life has a habit of throwing additional hurdles in our way. These hurdles can change the way parents relate to their children, the way children relate to their parents, and the way the entire family functions. If your family is going through some turmoil and you are interested in learning what parenting counselling can do for you, please schedule a session with one of counsellors today.