Conflict in your relationship?

Are you concerned about conflict in your relationship? Think about this situation. Picture yourself going out for dinner with your partner. What restaurant would you choose?

Couple in a restaurant having a romantic dinner.
Romantic dinner



Couple having a casual dinner
Casual dinner
You would like to go to your favourite restaurant as they have the best food and an incredible atmosphere to set the tone for the night. But, your partner doesn’t feel like that type of food. Your partner wants to go somewhere more casual and less romantic. Instead of talking it out and compromising, it turns into a bitter fight. Insults are said and both you and your partner are left feeling hurt. The dinner that was about connecting and relaxing, has resulted in you both being in separate rooms, not talking and feeling upset.

Sound familiar? While many people see conflict in a relationship as a sign of incompatibility, it should be seen as a sign that the relationship needs growth and understanding.

Dealing with conflict in your relationship

Here at Blissful Minds, our expert counsellors can support the understanding and growth within your relationship. We are qualified and experienced relationship counsellors who will work with you and your partner to implement different strategies that fit with YOUR relationship. So then you can go out and enjoy that dinner with your partner and get that spark back!

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