Elissa Luiten, Director of our team of dedicated counsellors

The right decision was to make Elissa our couple’s therapist. Every time we meet with her for counselling, she takes great effort to get everything ready. Years of ongoing, “stressful,” arguments with my partner have resulted in stress and anxiety. Our connection was greatly enhanced by Elissa’s assistance in helping us comprehend and resolve issues. I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance, Elissa.

April 2023



Courtney was great and we felt comfortable with her straight away.

Jan 2023

Courtney is amazing and my daughter has made excellent progress.

Oct 2022

Courtney helped us to feel relaxed and open up an avenue to talk. It was only our first appointment so hope to make some real ground on the next.

Dec 2022



Having focused on our kids and my husband being busy with work, my partner and I became distant; we argued a lot and became aggressive to each other. After months of attending Ana’s sessions, she helped us reconnect with each other. We learned to compromise and nourish every moment, strengthening our relationship. Ana, you know how thankful we are to you.

April 2023



Deb listened to my story, was non-judgemental and helped with starting to discuss strategies to cope with a long standing and complex situation. Very professional and understanding.

Leanne,18 May 2023

My husband and I are finding Deb to be very understanding and helpful. We are learning about our relationship and how to understand and communicate better.

May 2023

I have the most respect for our couple’s therapist, Deb. My marriage has been a dark place; attending her counselling tremendously impacted our marriage. We’ve become closer and more communicative from a dark and scary marriage. The positive impact she made on our marriage is beyond admirable. Thank you, Deb, for saving our marriage!


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