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Family counselling


The goal of family counselling

The goal of family counselling is to promote positive interaction and communication among your family. As a result of counselling as a family, you can expect to see an improvement in the overall health of your family unit. Often families develop highly ingrained and toxic ways of relating. Maybe this is because you’re around each other a lot!  For whatever reason, our counsellors will work with you and your family. In our family counselling sessions, we will help you to identify the unhelpful patterns of interaction you are stuck in. Based on this knowledge, your counsellor will assist you to build a healthier family dynamic. This will occur through implementing communication strategies and bonding exercises.

How can our family counsellors help?

Your counsellor is experienced in counselling and will assist you to identify your areas of concern. Your counsellor will also help you to develop new strategies to improve the health of your family unit. As a guide, here are some common areas where our expert counsellors can help:

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    sibling conflict
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    interpersonal conflict
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    poor communication
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    separation and divorce
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    alcohol and drug abuse
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    blended family

Do we need family counselling?

You might be thinking: “There’s only one family member who is causing our problems. Do we all really need to come to counselling?”. However, family counselling approaches the family unit as a system. And so, when one part of the system changes it affects the rest of the system. Often, families will respond to new challenges by using old coping methods.  This leads to conflict. A review of the literature on the effectiveness of family therapy found that family counselling enables a sense of mutual growth and understanding. In turn, this enables your family to approach each challenge, old and new, from a place of support and unity.

Your first family counselling session

The first Family Counselling session provides a chance for every member of the family to share their experience and be heard within a safe and supportive environment. Also, this is an opportunity to listen to the perspectives of other family members. The counsellor works with your family to develop a strong foundation on which agreed upon goals become cohesive and achievable!

The first session re-opens channels of communication and your family leaves with a tool for reshaping group dynamics.

Get in touch

Perhaps you and your family are going through a particularly tough time. Or maybe you just want a space to reconnect amid the busyness of life. For whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a safe space for each member of your family o discuss their feelings. We can provide treatment strategies for you and your loved ones. So, if you would like to learn more or book in with one of our therapists, please get in touch.