NDIS Counselling

Blissful Minds is proud to provide counselling for adults and children who access support through the NDIS. Our experienced counsellors are aware of the real challenges faced by those with a disability. Equally, we understand that your life is about so much more than your disability. When you access counselling at Blissful Minds, you are entering into a space of empowerment. Through skill building and insight development, your counsellor will work with you to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

The Process

The item ‘Improved Daily Living’ must be included in your NDIS plan to access counselling services. This provides you with funds from the NDIS for an allied health professional (this includes a counsellor.) You can choose to put however much of this fund toward counselling as you would like.

Your first session with a counsellor will centre around two things: getting to know you and establishing your goals for therapy. Your counsellor will ask questions about your history, current circumstances and all of the various aspects of your life that make you who you are. They will take time to understand what your disability means to you rather than coming in with outside assumptions. This understanding helps create a safe space where you feel known and can best process emotions and identify needs. As you build rapport, you will work together to create a list of goals for therapy. Your counsellor will tailor their approach so that the structure and content of sessions fit well with your goals.

Counselling can include a whole range of different topics, including relationships, emotion regulation, depression, anxiety, life transitions, social skills, behaviour issues, etc.  You will develop coping strategies while also exploring and understanding your emotions at a deeper level. As you progress, your counsellor will review the goals that you made at the start to track your progress and identify any new areas for growth. Your counsellor will support you with up to date, evidence-based psychological approaches to address your needs. However, you are in control of your own therapy. Your feedback and collaboration is not only welcome but encouraged.

Next Steps

If you or your child are registered with the NDIS and looking for a knowledgeable, warm counsellor to support you with your goals, look no further. Reach out to our friendly receptionist today.