Child Therapy

Happy young boy after successful child therapy sessions.

Do we need child therapy?

We know that as a parent or caregiver, you invest a tremendous amount of time and care into providing your child with the tools for happiness and growth. Therefore, it can be distressing to see them behaving poorly or struggling to communicate their emotions. Here at Blissful Minds, your child is in good hands. Our experienced counsellors will guide you and your child towards the tools and understanding to reduce problem behaviours, In turn, this will deepen quality time within your family.

How can child therapy help?

 The aim of child therapy is to create an atmosphere of safety, fun and creativity to help your child grow and learn. Through one-on-one counselling in our ‘playroom’ your child can explore their emotions in a healthy way. Your child’s counsellor will use a range of of age appropriate therapies such as art therapy, play therapy or narrative therapy. With guidance from our experienced counsellors, your child will learn that their feelings are normal and that it is okay to express them. Furthermore, they will come to understand the connection between their thoughts, behaviours and emotions as they act them out through games and activities.

Developing coping strategies

 Alongside this growth in understanding, your child will develop coping strategies to help  manage their emotions. These coping strategies will be centred around communication, conflict management, dealing with overwhelming emotions, together with understanding rules and boundaries. Some of these strategies can even be turned into a bit of fun! Also, we will work with you. We will bring you into sessions, to ensure that both parent and child feel that they have practical strategies to implement at home or in school. Through this experience, your child will learn that they are in control of their own body. Also, they will come to realize that communicating their emotions with a trusted adult or family member leads to a happier outcome for all.

You can expect to see …

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    Problem behaviours significantly decreasing
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    Your child openly expressing their emotions
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    Your own frustrations easing
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    Communication with your child improving

Child Therapy Practice

Our Child Therapy Practice in Rothwell is a customised therapy suite which includes play, sensory and art therapy area, Here children 12 years and under can receive counselling in a safe, secure environment.

Your first child therapy session

The first Child Therapy session begins with a five-minute to ten-minute chat between parent and counsellor to understand what may be going on for the child. Then, with this valuable insight, the Counsellor will use a range of Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy to assist your child explore and expand their awareness of their world. Your child will feel safe to disclose what is going on for them. Your counsellor will guide your child to uncover strengths and behaviours that may help them in difficult situations.

At the end of the first session, your child will leave with tools to help them work towards achieving their goals.

What can I do now?

If you are interested in learning more about how our expert child therapists can help your child to explore and manage their emotions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dog Therapy

Our dedicated counselling dog, Lucy

In Dog Therapy your child can safely explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe environment. Your child will learn that their feelings are normal and that it is ok to express them. Children often come to therapy with the belief that something is wrong with them. Lucy our Labrador Retriever will greet your child at the front door. This allows them to feel supported and excited for their session. Your child will enjoy coming to therapy, as Lucy will share a very special bond with them.

Please note that we need to make special arrangements for Lucy to attend a session.