School Counselling

School children atending a group counselling session.

Can our school counselling programs meet your needs?

School life and home life can be difficult to manage for many young people. However, it is important that young people can voice their feelings and feel understood. To assist with this, our counsellors and educators can provide school counselling programs for small or large groups of students. In these programs, we confidentially deal with issues surrounding truancy, disengagement, drugs/alcohol, anger management, sex and puberty. Following, are examples of the programs we can develop and deliver to meet your school’s particular requirements.

Teenagers working confidently after a counselling session on self-esteem.

Self Esteem Programs

We offer self-esteem programs as one-off sessions or longer programs to primary and secondary students. For example, these 90-minute incursions might target self-esteem, resilience, confidence, body image, goal setting or social skills. Each session centres around a different theme and includes hands on as well as reflective activities. As a result, children will leave these sessions with a range of skills which they can use to boost their self-esteem!

Art Therapy Incursions

Our counsellors can conduct art therapy incursions as one-off sessions. We can also present more extensive school counselling programs to primary and secondary students. These 90-minute incursions target self-esteem, creativity, emotional awareness, and social skills. In the past, these incursions have resulted in parents and teachers noticing improvements in students’ behaviour, communication and cognition.

Articulation and Regulation Therapy (ART) Program

This individualised ART program was created by qualified counsellors with a Master’s in Counselling and by a qualified secondary teacher with a Master’s in Education (Student Wellbeing).

Our counsellors work regularly with children and adolescents in one-to-one sessions and with small groups to facilitate art therapy sessions at our Redcliffe and Spring Hill practices. The counsellors have extensive knowledge of the issues of anger, anxiety, worry, low self-worth, resilience, and disengagement from life and school. They address these issues through Art Therapy in order to improve the lives of children and adolescents with positive outcomes.

In addition, the counsellors have experience in delivering these programs within schools. They are familiar with school processes. They liaise with staff regarding reports, KPI’s and other tools to report on students’ progress. Additionally, the counsellors record student progress using the Australian Curriculum: Personal and Social Capability continuum. They also report each students’ progress to the teachers using the four key elements of Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness and Social management.

Sample Lesson Plan

This lesson plan demonstrates how our ART program complies with the Australian Curriculum framework. Additionally, it demonstrates the level of planning to which we are committed.

ART Sample lesson plan

Can we help you?

Our team of counsellors come to you with all the supplies needed. They conduct sessions in the classroom in a fun and interactive way. Please enquire for further information so that we can provide you with the most suitable options.