Relationships can be tough; put the joy back in yours!

Couples Counselling

Do we need couples counselling?

Whether the challenges that you are facing in your relationship feel small or large, couples counsellingHappy couple after successful relationship counselling has been proven to significantly benefit couples. As a couple, we all have times where we find ourselves stuck in negative cycles within our relationship. It can be really challenging to find your way out of these cycles when you are so intimately involved.  In these situations, having the unbiased perspective of a trained professional to guide you through relationship counselling toward a new and healthier dynamic is invaluable.

Benefits of couples counselling

Your experienced counsellor will assist you to identify areas of concern within your relationship. Also, your therapist will guide you in learning to communicate with greater understanding. In addition, you will both develop new strategies to improve your connection. You will have a warm and respectful space to repair old hurts while also growing your bond for the future. Here are some ways that you and your partner will see benefits from couples counselling within your relationship:

Communication is key

Couple holding hands and drinking coffee after effective relationship counselling,

Often, couples report that they feel able to express issues or concerns within a relationship counselling session that previously they could not verbalize outside of session. As we work through the tough issues in your relationship, you begin to build a dynamic of trust and accountability. This will enable you both to feel that your deepest struggles and concerns will be valued. Soon you will find that this improved level of communication begins to happen outside of the marriage guidance session also. Real change occurs in relationships when you are not just responding to each other’s needs, but actually listening and working together. And this is taking place in a place of warmth, understanding and mutual respect.

Your first relationship counselling session

The first couples counselling session involves giving you time to discuss your perspective of what is happening for you in the relationship. Also, it is and an opportunity to listen to your partner’s perspective of the relationship. We understand that every relationship is different and our experienced counsellors adapt to accommodate the needs of each couple. Your counsellor will work collaboratively to develop a plan to assist you to move forward and set goals that you would both like to achieve in the relationship.

As a couple you will leave the first couples counselling session with a tool to improve communication and begin getting that spark back.

Get back on track

Do you feel like you’ve lost that spark? Are there are certain issues in your relationship that remain unresolved? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out. One of our experienced relationship counsellors will be here to help you and your partner reconnect and get back on track.