Create a positive, supportive workplace where your staff can thrive


Employee Assistance Program

At Blissful Minds we have agreements (not lock-in contracts) to provide counselling under an Employee Assistance Program to both small businesses and large corporations who are seeking to maintain workplace wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can help employees manage stress, improve work-life balance, and address professional and personal challenges in order to better equip them for work.

Providing an EAP for your employees is an ethically-sound decision, as it contributes towards improving the working conditions of your employees. It can improve employee retention, reduce absenteeism and lead to an overall happier workplace with higher levels of productivity.

What we provide under an Employee Assistance Program

Work can be stressful and life outside work can be even more stressful. Your employees may require some extra help from our counsellors for a variety of reasons including:

We understand the importance of maintaining the well-being and mental health of employees. By being mindful and taking care of mental health, employees can:

  • Realise their full potential and take steps towards achieving their goals
  • Cope with the stresses of life and increase resiliency
  • Be more productive and have more energy to create a healthy work life balance
  • Make meaningful connections and build stronger relationships with others
  • Be more present and focused
  • Increase life satisfaction.

Our aim is to help you create a positive, supportive workplace where your staff can thrive.

How an EAP works

With an EAP Agreement in place between your company and Blissful Minds, your employees can arrange to attend counselling at our practices in Rothwell, Stafford and Caloundra. We will send you an invoice for each session attended by your employee up to an agreed number of sessions.

To reduce time away from work, we conduct zoom sessions regularly with individuals and small groups.

Alternatively, our counsellors can also work off-site in sessions, workshops or retreats at a location of your choice. In these tailored programs we can address issues such as:

  • Trauma: first responders eg as a result of a hold up or death
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Managing conflict and anger
  • Adjusting to workplace change
  • Performance coaching
  • Relaxation training
  • Skills development eg in assertiveness, time management and work/life balance

If you think that any of these arrangements would benefit your staff and your workplace, please contact us to discuss further.